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Presencia de una Ausencia

Music Rehearsal Room in Madrid


OpenGap Competition Entry
Collaborator: Dongyul Kim
June 2011


This proposal aims to distinguish and celebrate the essence of the new identity for SOUNDROOM, a unique quality rehearsal room. We propose a musical enclave that becomes an autonomous region for music rehearsal.


We perceive contemporary architectural practice as a nihilistic formalism where digital tools havebecome both a design method and decoration. By distancing from nihilistic formalism, decorationbecomes a part of architecture, function and aesthetic object at the same time. Our minimal languageprovides flexibility and versatility while maintaining acoustical and structural functions, andits minimal aesthetics.


We give Soundroom an identity where the floating rehearsal rooms become an autonomous region for music. Thus it yields a celebration of music in its most minimal and pure language. The idea of autonomous region is carried on as a musical enclave where musicians can feel comfortable as a private realm yet able to communicate with the external world via translucency.


“the sixties was so overtly a presence in theory and practice, a presence that largely denied the formal in architecture in favor of social practice,
now in the nineties, apparently suppressed by an ostensibly nihilistic and self-gratifying formalism”
(Anthony Vidler, 1992)

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