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A1-004 단위세대 평면도_2010-0315_F(변경후)-Model
A1-008 단위세대 평면도_2010-0315_F(변경후)-Model
A1-006 단위세대 평면도_2010-0315_F(변경후)-Model
A1-010 단위세대 평면도_2010-0315_F(변경후)-Model
A1-014 단위세대 평면도_2010-0315_F(변경후)-Model
A1-012 단위세대 평면도_2010-0315_F(변경후)-Model
A1-027 아파트 전체 평면도_2010-0329(변경후)-Model
A1-021 아파트 전체 평면도_2010-0329(변경후)-Model
A1-019 아파트 전체 평면도_2010-0329(변경후)-Model
A1-016 아파트 전체 평면도_2010-0329(변경후)-Model
A0-067 단면도_2010-0331(변경후)-Model
A0-066 단면도_2010-0331(변경후)-Model
A0-053 지하층 전체평면도_2010-0331[변경후]-Model
A0-054 지상층 전체평면도_2010-0401[변경후]_recover-Model
A0-055 지상층 전체평면도_2010-0401[변경후]_recover-Model
A0-056 지상층 전체평면도_2010-0401[변경후]_recover-Model

Ilsan Y-City Complex

Junglim Architecture, South Korea


Project Type: Mixed Use_Residential, Commercial, Masterplan
Work Scope: 3D modeling, CAD drafting, hand sketch/watercolor, context/site analysis
Team Leaders: Sangpo Lee, Taewoong Yoon
Period: 03. 2010 - 06.2010, construction completion 06. 2016


The essence of this complex project revolves around the illustration of new luxurious life in emerging satellite city of Ilsan, near Seoul. The concept of compact city where everything can be found, a mini-city in its podium yet a solution is needed to distance it from the residential tower above. We derived the concept from the French village where meandering pathways and voluptuous podium facade fascinate the visitors and the residents the same. Podium is a large culture center, retail colonnades, sports complex, educational system, and town hall-administration hub of this district.


The soaring residential towers are sitting on a lifted green landscape on the top of the podium, providing a sense of ground, serenity of greenery yet immediately reconnect to the busy commercial zone below. It functions was a barricade to protect the resident from the noise or visual noise from the ground level. The capacity of the Y-City is stretching to being a mega-living cell of Ilsan.


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