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CAM_B_014_001-low res
CAM_A_016-low res
Typical floor
Top floor
Ground floor

Berlin Grand Central Office, Germany

UNStudio, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Project Type: Office, Retail
Work Scope: Competition by Invitation (Runner Up)
                    Plan and facade concept development, Rendering by Vray
Team Leaders: Christian Veddeler, Thomas Harms
Period: 01. 2015


The existing condition of Berlin Grand Central is quite remote from the rest of urban fabric; front and backsides are cut by large boulevards with large empty lots around. The office tower competition is initiated to resolve this lack of pedestrian use for the main station of Berlin. The ground floor of the office is composed as an open plan, providing visibility through the entire floor with programmatic enclaves. Upper levels provide a wide range of office types from cellular, combination, team, open, and other creative mixed use plans.


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