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Architecture of Animation and Aesthetics

A Shifting Paradigm of Health, Beauty and Decay in the Body and the Building


PennDesign Independent Thesis
Advisor: Simon Kim
Status: On Going


The critique on the body has been an essential topic in architecture ever since Vitruvius.Its definition has changed over time and now it seems almost imperceptible within thecontemporary discussion of beauty and architecture – perhaps foreseeing its completedissolution. The beauty-ugly discussion on the body and its application in architecturehas become also unclear as the previously established metrics for ideal body andarchitecture, from Vitruvius to Alberti to Le Corbusier, cannot satisfy the shifted paradigmof the body in the contemporary world.


This thesis examines the above problem through a specific focus on what constitutes thedefinition of the body and its aesthetics today and how the discipline is affected from it.Once we speculate on the shifted paradigm and challenge the current status of artificialand transactional body, a radically new mode of thinking and producing architecturecan emerge. This is an attempt to provide the alternatives and replace interactive withtransactive, and analytic with synthetic.


Thesis project and book will be updated towards the end of April 2016.

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