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Work-at-Home for the Contemporary Nomads

Redefine the Inner Suburb of Somerville Challenge


Mid-Polis 2011 Open Building Competition Entry
Collaborator: Dongyul Kim
July 2011


The competition asks entrants to consider how familiar and new urban patterns and building typologies can serve to redefine thismid-polis site. The selected urban pattern and building types for this site will face significant challenges in the 21st century. Theymust be at the same time stable, lovable, energy effective infrastructures of space and form, adaptable to inevitable changes of useor function. How will the proposed urban morphology and building types support changing programmatic, economic and societalforces over time while maintaining a coherent built form that does not become functionally and stylistically obsolete in 30 – 50years? Thus, the key issue in this competition is the design of an urban fabric and more detailed design of one building type ofenduring quality – so excellent that over 50 or more years, the uses and functions in the urban spaces and inside the buildings canchange as cells are replenished in a living organism.


The work-at-home trend is very evident from looking at the radically increasing number of websites designated to it. In Europe and east Asia, this trend is also increasingly highlighted as a pionerring type of work. Thus we need to emphasize on this increasing demand for home that acts as workplace too. At the same time, the contemporary workforces relocate themselves quite often which requires greater mobility to their living as well. We need both work and living spaces adaptably together yet separated.

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