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Berlin Shopping Center Friedrichshain, Germany

UNStudio, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Project Type: Retail, Urban Infrastructure
Work Scope: 100% DD, design exterior lamella pattern and interior ceiling and atrium
V-Ray, Grasshopper, Rhino, AutoCAD, Photoshop & Illustrator post processing Team Leaders:
Christian Veddeler, Thomas Harms, Tina Kortmann
Period: 08. 2014 - 11.2014, construction in progress 2016


The existing condition of Berlin Friedrichshain O2 World area is rather under used though it has amain train station. Next to the O2 world arena is a car park field that desolates the neighborhoodnext to it. UNStudio approach is to reconnect the neighborhood, the arena, the train station andthe infrastructures crossing the river. Thus the shopping center functions as an urban knot wherepeople can come in for shopping, dining, and meeting, but also as a transportation hub where itcan be used by many by passers too.


My responsibility was to design the interior ceiling, the atrium and exterior lamella conditions. Ienvisioned the interior to have a gestural element to suggest new dynamics in the neighborhood– fetching the residents and visitors. Therefore the slashing curves that wraps and meandersaround the atrium and also the exterior are introduced. The atrium is where the lines are comingtogether as a central node of the shopping center. The lamellae design is iterated to find a way tolighten the massive body of the mall. The rotation of each lamella creates just enough changesto the façade to achieve the goal. The most importantly UNStudio encouraged my design tobe discussed during all meetings and put forward to development with consultants within andoutside the office.

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